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• 7/16/2017


I'm here to announce some major changes on SNN!Entertainment and KoopaWorks.

First of all, I want to change SNN and it's divisions' name because the SNN! name feels like a copy to SLN! Media Group. I'll probably change it to something like N ltd. since 'N' is the first alphabet of my real name (Nadjib). Also, I'll change KoopaWorks to N ltd. too because honestly I don't feel comfortable with the KoopaWorks name anymore. Also, SNN!TV will be called Ntv. Sure, it sounds a lot like the Bengali channel of the same name but whatever.

As for Red Flag Productions, it will keep it's name but you can now consider it a joint venture between N ltd and Adamation Inc.

That's all I need to say, thank you for understanding.
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• 7/16/2017
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